AADE Precision Frequency Reference.

Assembled and calibrated against my Rubidium frequency standard

to better than 0.1 parts per million (1Hz at 10MHz)

with long term accuracy of 1 part per million (1Hz at 1MHz)

100_0100.jpg (21354 bytes)

Switch selectable output frequencies of

1 Hz

10 Hz

100 Hz

1 KHz

10 KHz

100 KHz

1 MHz

10 MHz

Output is .5V p-p square wave into 50ohms

NOTE: the frequency reference does NOT include a wall transformer or power supply.  You get a chance to use one of your collection of old wall transformers from cordless phones etc.

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Input power can be anything from 6 to 18 VDC or 6 to 12 VAC.  Simply cut off the connector from the wall transformer, observe polarity of DC supplies, and solder to the power inputs on the reference PCB.

100_0102.jpg (20552 bytes)

I do not have long term experience with this unit but it uses the same precision oscillator used in my line of frequency counters.

Above is a DFD4A I built 4 years ago and calibrated against my rubidium frequency standard to read

10,000,000 Hz

It now reads 10,000,003 Hz.  3 Hz drift at 10MHz after 4 years (0.3 parts per million).




DFD4 image

Precision Frequency




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