New easy interface, almost plug-n-play

the top line is 16 characters of your choice such as name and call sign
(name and call sign shown are of my late father)
blue.jpg (24631 bytes)
same size as the standard display.
add $10 to cost of any DFD for this option.

Also available with white backlite and blue characters.   Same price as green backlite ($7.50 extra)

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DFD1 The origional for single conversion and direct conversion radios. IF offsets to 16MHz in 1KHz steps.

DFD1A with IF offsets to 20.97MHz in 10Hz steps.

DFD1B with IF offsets to 209.7MHz in 100Hz steps.

DFD1-Hammarlund , programs itself for most Hammarlund radios.

DFD1-Swan for most Swan radios.

DFD1-Drake for the R-4 receivers

DFD2 for tuned IF receivers

DFD2-S for Collins S line, KWM-2/A, and KWS-1,

DFD2-301 for Heathkit SB series and HW series

DFD2-520 for Kenwood TS-520S/SE

DFD2-101 for Yeasu FT-101 (requires tapping signals from inside radio. Not for non-technical persons).

Use DFD3 with  the FT-101 for easy installation.


DFD4 with built-in prescalers.

DFD4A Usable as a bench top frequency counter to 3GHz.

Which DFD should I use with my radio?

DFD Applications notes page how to connect to radio (If a kind customer has provided the info.)


DFD1 (any version) is $49.95(includes TCXO)

DFD2 (any version) is $49.95 (includes TCXO)

DFD4 or 4A is $49.95 (includes TCXO)

biglcd1 tn.jpg (3923 bytes)Biggy display option backlit is standard $10.00


On-Line (click PayPal logo below)

By Mail   Almost All Digital Electronics, 1412 Elm St. S.E., Auburn, WA 98092

Check out the APPLICATION NOTES page.

YellowLED Backlit Display module now available.

This module is the same size as the non-backlit module and replaces it directly. You will have to supply a dropping resistor to set the current from your primary power source. The forward voltage drop of the LEDs is 4V and the maximum current is 200ma. The unit lites up pretty good with 30ma. At this setting it can be powered continuously from the on-board 5V regulator through a 33ohm 1/4 watt resistor. From 12V you need an 80ohm/2W resistor for 100ma, or a 160ohm/1W resistor for 50ma.

For LED backlit module instead of regular module add $7.50

Almost All Digital Electronics, 1412 Elm St. S.E., Auburn, WA 98092
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AADE has an unconditional money bank guarantee even on kits (unless destroyed during assembly).

We have a free "we'll try to fix it if you just can't seem to get it to work" policy. ($4 return S/H charge)

We offer technical assistance from 9AM to 9PM Pacific time. (usually available on weekends) 

L/C Meter IIB you will love this one.

DFD1 for single conversion superhets

DFD1-Hammarlund for most Hammarlund radios.

DFD2 for crystal controlled converter in front of tuneable IF such as Collins Heathkit etc.

DFD4 0-3GHz (build a bench-top frequency counter for about $70)

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